Saturday, 28 May 2022
  • Fixed Arena Preparation not always setting health and mana to full.
  • Fixed pet cooldowns not being reset in Duel area.
  • Fixed not being clickable.
  • Fixed an issue where pets were unable to path from Dalaran Sewers starting area.
  • Lowered mining skill requirement from 300 to 230.
  • Fixed certain group buffs incorrectly not buffing players through line of sight.
  • Fixed mixed faction issues in solo queue.
  • Implemented heartbeat aura script hook.
  • Fixed known currencies not being updated.
  • Fixed issues with arena queue rated status not being correctly reset.
  • Fixed creatures and players visually not entering vehicles correctly.
  • Fixed spells with healing effects not being able to heal mechanical units.
  • Implemented gameobject health & destructible states.
  • Improved vehicle speed checks.
  • Added missing to .
  • Fixed vehicles evading and losing auras on player exiting them.
  • Fixed incorrect name for .
  • Fixed talent UI for triple spec.
  • Fixed 's sometimes not bumping players up anymore
  • Improvements to
  • Fixed dismounting from some vehicles.
  • Fixed visual travel time for some projectile spells.
  • Wintegrasp implementation and fixes.
  • Fixed incorrectly refreshing Judgements in WotLK.
  • Fixed Lock and Load proc rules.
  • Fixed Fingers of Frost dispel rules.
Death Knight
  • Fixed Death Runes never expiring until they are first used.
  • Fixed Death Runes incorrectly expiring when player is in combat, death runes will now only reset ~30s after leaving combat.
  • Fixed duration being affected by cast time reduction and restricted applying spell duration modifiers after diminishing returns calculation to TBC.
  • Fixed Warlock's Nightmare not being applied through line of sight.
  • Fixed incorrectly procing through absorb after recent changes.
  • Fixed Revitalize providing wrong amount of mana restored.
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