Thursday, 28 April 2022
Wrath PTR Day 3 onwards (28.04)
  • Fixed issues with procs that are supposed to proc on crits not being able to proc on absorbed crits (e.g. or ).
  • Fixed not setting players' health or mana to full when their max health or mana was increased.
  • Fixed pet cooldowns not being reset in Duel Zone like in arena when resummoning a pet (e.g. Warlock Felhunter's ).
  • Fixed incorrectly refreshing judgements (doesn't since patch 3.0.2).
  • Fix certain buffs incorrectly not going through line of sight (e.g. Warrior shouts, Priest group buffs, etc).
  • Updated elemental shaman Beta PvP starting gear.
  • Fixed Lock and Load incorrectly not being able to proc on Immolation Trap, Frost Trap or Explosive Trap.
  • Fixed having no effect.
  • Fixed and not being applied in some cases.
Death Knight
  • Fixed runic power being generated on cast even if the spell didn't cost any runes (e.g. in Freezing Fog case).
World and Quests
  • Lowered mining skill requirement from 300 to 230.
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